1. After contacting me, we will make a first appointment in order to discuss the details of your order. It is of course possible to discuss these details via e-mail or by telephone; however, in this case a face to face meeting is more practical.
  2. During our first meeting we will discuss precisely what kind of service you are interested in. I will then offer you several possibilities upon which you can decide which type will be most suitable to fit your demands. Only then can we make out a written contract stating the detailed conditions we have agreed on.
  3. For me as a genealogist it is very important that - right from the start - you give me as much data as possible. This will enable a good start of my research. Which documents you are willing to lend me is entirely up to you, however in general, the more information you can give about your ancestors at the beginning, the higher the quality of the research and the faster I can finish you order.
  4. Any kind of data concerning your family history will contribute to a successful research, e.g. birth certificates, marriage or death certificates, old purchase contracts, etc. If you wish to receive the results in the form of a hardback book, additionally I would request some photos connected with your ancestors. Ideally, you should bring all this documentation with you to the first meeting. If you don’t have any or only a minimum of personal data about your ancestors, I will need a letter of attorney from you enabling me to visit current registers.
  5. After receiving your down-payment, the actual work on your order begins. I will search for information about your ancestors and their lives in all necessary registers (births, deaths, marriage, land/estates) and other archives. I will regularly inform you on the progress of my search – ideally via e-mail, or on agreement by phone, post or during a personal meeting.
  6. Thanks to that, you can intervene in my research and in the case that the results so far are sufficient for you, end it; or – on the contrary – you may decide to continue the search despite the original agreement.