Family tree
This features all members of one family line with the same surname, beginning with the oldest member to the present.
Example of František Čech’s family tree
Family tree with direct lineage
Here the aim of interest is only the direct ancestors of the person in question and that either in the father’s lineage or the mother’s . In contrast to the classical family tree, only family members of the main lineage are depicted and not those of the secondary lineage.
Example of Jan Čech’s family tree with direct lineage
Ancestor chart
This is a listing of all direct ancestors of one individual using the father’s as well as the mother’s lineage. Due to the multiplying effect of steadily increasing numbers of relatives the further one goes into the past, only ancestors up to the sixth generation are sought out. However, after consultation it is possible to dig further into the past.
Example of an Ancestor chart
Descendant chart
This listing shows all male and female offspring of one individual parentage including their families.
Example of a Descendant chart
Real estate history
I can supply overall history about your house or other houses.
Looking up old maps
I can arrange and provide you with electronic or printed versions of old maps of your real estate or your locality.
Example of old maps
Transcription of old texts
I can computerize any old text written in Latin script (Czech, German or Latin). For example, if you own an old manuscript written in so called Kurrent and you need help in deciphering/reading it.
Example of an old text and its transliteration and transcription
Tracing an individual historical fact

Deliverable forms

A finished family tree, ancestor chart or descendant chart can be delivered in the form of:

Completion time

You must calculate with a certain time period before you receive your completed order. Especially if you are thinking of presenting the result as a gift, please place your order well in advance.

It takes aprox. about 2 to 3 months to complete your order, however, this time period may vary considerably from case to case. It depends mainly on these factors: